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Short duration is obviously better— “Several Indy racing car drivers have withstood impacts in excess of 100 G without serious injuries.” But here, the high g-forces are just for a fraction of a second.

Even much lower g-forces sustained for even one minute could be fatal. The most damaging are “downwards”, when blood rushes into the brain and eyes, where –2 to –3 g is the limit (the negative sign is because of the downwards direction).

Now “acceleration” means change in velocity, which means any change in speed or direction.

At 1g, the speed changes by 10 m/s (22 mph) second, hence 10 m/second-squared.

(average speed) = (total distance)÷(total time) If someone walked 400 m in a straight line in 5 min, their average speed would be (400 m)÷(5 min) = 80 m/min.

Other examples of scalar quantities are shoe size, mass, area, energy.

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"After all, all of the math leading up to algebra that we learned growing up such as addition, multiplication, decimals, fractions, and the like, seem to have a concrete meaning.

These concepts all deal with numbers in some way or another and because of this we can wrap our brains more easily around the concepts.

If you are on the highway whether traveling 100 km/h south or 100 km/h north, your speed is still 100 km/h.

If the same person walked 100 m [North] then 300 m [South] in 5 minutes, their average speed would still be (400÷5) = 80 m/min. Do you get the same answer if you drive 100 km at each of the two speeds? The total distance driven = [(2 h )(40 km /h) (2 h)( 60 km/h)] = 200 km The total time = 2 2 = 4 h average speed = (200 km)/(4 h) = 50km/h b. It one train has a velocity of 100km/h north, and a second train has a velocity of 100km/h south, the two trains have different velocities, even though their speed is the same.

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