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Later the ground froze up and soon ice sheets covered most of the northern part of Ukraine.

That was the Pleistocene Period in Quaternary Age of Cenozoic Era, about 1 million years ago, Commonly known as the Ice Age. Traces of human habitation in Ukraine, dating back at least 30 thousand years, became evident during geological excavations.

Of its population, 73 percent are of Ukrainian ethnic origin.

The country's official language, since the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991, is Ukrainian.

The capital city is Kiev, and the national flag has two broad horizontal bands of blue and yellow, the blue on top representing the sky and the yellow representing fields of wheat.

Although most of western Ukraine is agricultural—it is a country that has served as the "bread-basket of Europe"—there are large petroleum and natural gas fields as well.

There’s little in Timberg’s history to suggest he’d lead one of the ugliest public smears of his colleagues in decades.

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What the Washington Post did in boosting an anonymous blacklist of American journalists accused of criminal treason is one of the sleaziest, and most disturbing (in a very familiar Kremlin way) things I’ve seen in this country since I fled for home.

The Wa Po is essentially an arm of the American deep state; its owner, Jeff Bezos, is one of the three richest Americans, worth billion, and his cash cow, Amazon, is a major contractor with the Central Intelligence Agency.

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