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Bridgwater mercury dating

NO date has been set yet for the impending changes to the way household rubbish is collected.The plans were agreed at a Somerset Waste Board meeting at County Hall, Taunton, on December 16.The Overseers, about once in a Month, send in five Strike of Malt, which the Master brews at once into good Drink ; and every Saturday the Overseers buy for them a sufficient Quantity of good wholesome Meat, and send it to the Master.If any of the Poor fall sick, a proper Provision is made for them, and some of their Fellow-Poor are appointed to attend them.These were enlarged and converted to a workhouse in 1723.In 1720, St Martin's parish built five houses on Millstone Lane. included the following report on the premises dated October 1724: In April last, St.Tel: 01823 365141 Fax: 01823 365200 Email: [email protected] WE WANT YOUR SPORT PHOTOS!

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The board met today to discuss confidential reports.

Somerset Waste Partnership says it has been reviewing the plans for operational delivery of Recycle More to ensure they meet the objectives of the Somerset Waste Board (SWB) and that the work is on-going.

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