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Digitaldating com

Theories addressing age-related changes in motivation suggest that younger adults are likely to emphasize themselves, achievements, attractiveness, and sexuality.

Older adults are likely to present themselves positively and emphasize their existing relationships and health.

Something is plaguing our nation and its people: "breadcrumbing."The New York Times called it "torturous microcommunications." Cosmo was equally eloquent and said it was "savage AF."Newsy's Cody La Grow sat down with Bela Gandhi, the founder and president of Smart Dating Academy in Chicago.

Gandhi is responsible for two serious relationships or engagements a month. Then there's dialogue in between that date and the next one.

We collected 4,000 dating profiles from two popular websites to examine age differences in self-presentations.

We used stratified sampling to obtain a sample equally divided by gender, aged 18–95 years.

Regression analyses revealed that older adults were more likely to use first-person plural pronouns (e.g., we, our) and words associated with health and positive emotions.

A new study by the University of Michigan and the University of California Santa Barbara found that girls are more negatively affected by digital dating abuse.

"Although digital dating abuse is potentially harmful for all youth, gender matters," Lauren Reed, an assistant project scientist at University of California-Santa Barbara, said in a press release.

Obviously, it's not smooth to be like, "I like you," but is that weird to do? At the end of the day people, put your phone down and get in front of people and interact with people.

LAGROW: So a cool name doesn't justify sh**** behavior?

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