Tiffany hsu and ethan ruan dating couple dating woman

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Tiffany hsu and ethan ruan dating

Ethan Ruan and Tiffany Hsu have hit a rough patch in their relationship.Marriage was said to be on the cards for the Taiwanese actors who have been living together for five years and dating for eight years.

After the race, Ethan was celebrating with his friends and race crew and got totally wasted.One night they went to town for some seafood in the coastal city of Haigang and fans spotted them and immediately asked for pictures as they walked in.Ethan sweetly asked if they could wait until he and Tiff ate dinner first and the fans complied.I’m sure Ethan Ruan is getting this comment left and right, but I’m going to have to join the chorus. Since finishing his military service earlier this year, Ethan has been relatively busy with his entertainment career, leaving his long-time agency . In between he’s been chilling with girlfriend Tiffany Hsu leading to media speculation that the couple is nesting and getting ready to walk down the aisle.Despite denials from both sides, the clamor is getting louder since they have dated for going on 6 years and clearly this relationship hasn’t affected either’s red hot acting careers.

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You will eventually understand who is insincere, who really loves you, who will disregard everything for you.

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