New year dating tips

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New year dating tips

If you're lucky, he'll even listen to your crappy dreams.

Get out there and find a casual date to start the New Year with a new outlook on love.

“It doesn’t matter what—as long as you’ve never done it before. If that takes getting a new hair style, using a department’s stores gratis personal shopping services or engaging yourself in a new activity, you’ll be setting yourself up as someone you’d want to date: confident, attractive and overflowing with personality.

And if nothing else, when you do nab a date your recent activities will be perfect dinner fodder.

Create a profile, throw up a couple of pictures and see what happens.

1) Transform yourself into the type of Confident Person you’d want to Date “New Year’s is the perfect time to try something new and out of the ordinary for you,” says Gail Belsky, author of The List: 100 Ways to Shake Up Your Life. You’ll be energized by taking yourself in a new direction, and that’s a really attractive quality.” Step outside your comfort zone.Listen to the story about the dream, the one where he was back at college and his ex-girlfriend was now an art history professor, and somehow Jason Bateman was his roommate, except Jason Bateman was bald.…Okay, you don't have to listen to that entire dream, because it makes no sense.But if you can make it halfway, your relationship will be golden.The key is to begin looking now, if your mantra on finding a date is a little like going to the dentist—as in, you put it off—think twice.Getting a date is more than just locking lips at midnight; it’s about giving those amorous intentions for the next 12 months a jumpstart.

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2) Review or Put up your Online Profile If you already have your profile on a dating site, consider yourself one step ahead of the rest.

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