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The Kidulthood actress announced the happy news via her Instagram page last night, while showing off her tiny baby bump.The daughter of actor Ray shared a sweet photo with her fans, which saw close friend Miquita Oliver cradling her growing tum.TV executives are thinking more about their ratings than they are about the message they are sending to youth.After seeing how their parents and friends handle violence, and seeing it negatively reinforced on television, teens may begin to: The short and long term effects for teens can be devastating, effecting their scholastic performance, encourage them to turn to alcohol and/or drugs to cope, attempt suicide, or become an abuser themselves. The House of Ruth has detailed three warning signs that should alert you that your child is being abused by their girlfriend or boyfriend: No one knows your child like you do.’” A playful name is surely reason enough for the event’s existence.

According to the House of Ruth, a domestic violence prevention organization in Baltimore, MD., those signs include: ommunicate with your partner, manage uncomfortable emotions like anger and jealousy, or knowing how to treat others with respect.It was so funny seeing it in the daylight, stripped of everything…And I thought — what a ridiculous idea — ‘Why not do a party with similar music and serve bagels and cocktails?Bagels suggest brunch, Bagley’s suggests full throttle hedonism.“It all started when we were looking around King’s Cross,” explains Noble.

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Much of a teens violent behavior, too, is learned from what they have seen at home, what they experience with their friends, and what they see on television and hear on the radio.