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Trucks use air brakes, and cars cutting in front of them can lead to serious problems."Because if we hit them too much we are going to deplete the air and the brakes will lock up, then we can jack knife or skid, things like that," he said.The others, called Dray Q and Dray Link, gives drivers real time metrics on gate queues and terminal transaction times.

The app is the third introduced at the Port of Oakland this month to shorten lines at terminal gates.Jupigo functions like a dating app for truck drivers who have equipment needs.Drivers with empty containers to return post their equipment availability on Jupigo.So that space in front of a truck is not meant for a car to cut in…it is meant to help them stop and not deplete the brakes. Definitely not the blind spot, not next to the driver's door, not directly in front in case it can't stop -- those are sometimes called the ' No-Zones'.

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