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At the time it was supposed to mean using "the web as a platform," which I took to refer to web-based applications.

So I was surprised at a conference this summer when Tim O'Reilly led a session intended to figure out a definition of "Web 2.0." Didn't it already mean using the web as a platform?

O'Reilly wanted to organize a conference about the web, and they were wondering what to call it.

I don't think there was any deliberate plan to suggest there was a new version of the web.

How will the story stack up against the greatest films about business?

I have a day job that keeps me pretty busy so I could only work on this during my evenings and weekends.

Remember the days when the word Google was not interchangeable with internet?

Or when every site seemed to have a Netscape icon on it?

“These big sites are necessary and they’re still great,” Davis told Fox

“But the niche sites that are popping up now are much more exciting because they’re giving you access to a much more select group of people.” Some, like JDate and Black Singles, have been around for years.

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Identify an Opportunity I’m single and after trying the online dating thing I quickly ascertained two things: – The paid online dating market is very saturated – The free online dating market is also saturated but with sites that are clunky, difficult to use, so littered with ads they’re nearly unusable, and bombarded with useless features I saw an opening and I took it: I knew I could build something better in a very short period of time with almost no overhead.