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Updating monitor

This post is focusing on the display errors after Windows 10 update and the solution to easily fix the Windows 10 display issues.

Note: A display card is also called a video card, a display adapter, a video adapter, a graphics adapter, or a graphics card.

Therefore, if you get the Windows 10 display issues, that’s because the graphics driver is outdated, corrupted, damaged, or missing. Locate the latest graphics driver in the manufacturer’s website or from the OEM.

This, however, costs you much time and requires some computer technique skills.

In the past, we’d simply recommend not installing this update.

Now, Microsoft makes you take the update whether you want it or not.

A mixture of Bobtail and Argonaut monitors will not be able to use the new on-wire protocol, as the protocol requires all monitors to be Bobtail or greater.

Upgrading only a majority of the nodes (e.g., two out of three) may expose the cluster to a situation where a single additional failure may compromise availability (because the non-upgraded daemon cannot participate in the new protocol).

We’ve listed top solutions workable to fix those issues and you can try them.

Refer to the release-specific sections in this document and the release notes document to identify release-specific procedures for your cluster before using the upgrade procedures.

You can upgrade daemons in your Ceph cluster while the cluster is online and in service! For example, Ceph Metadata Servers and Ceph Object Gateways depend upon Ceph Monitors and Ceph OSD Daemons.

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