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Even though the pillows don’t exactly “match” the sofa, they work nicely in combination and downplay the burgundy bits in the sofa.By replacing the large burgundy rug with a smaller one from the dining room, and by replacing the burgundy wingback with a more neutral chair from the master bedroom, we essentially removed that accent color from the space so that we could create a more updated neutral scheme in the room.Still making it work with hand-me-downs from your parents?Don't worry if you can't spend the big bucks on updating your furniture yet — there are plenty of fast and easy ways to refresh your home on the cheap.They are cheap, brightly colored, and already cut into squares!Rita’s Turn: From the beginning this was really a marriage of convenience. Before I had this sofa, I had a camel-back sleeper-sofa that I found on craigslist when I was setting up a new household for my kids and me.

Real marble will cost you a pretty penny, but marbled contact paper will give you a snazzy look for cheap.

Use these thrifty finds and innovative solutions to make the most of what you already have.

(See also: Where to Find Cheap, Good-Looking New Furniture) Plain white IKEA curtains (or equivalents from other stores) are cheap and go with everything, but don't always pack the most stylish punch.

Not exactly spill-proof, but you could cover the final result with a layer of glass or clear plastic, or just keep covering the table with different patterns over time.

Have you ever been bored with the way a room looks? Two years ago we gave the room a mini-makeover by changing the color on the walls, the drapes, and the carpet.

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It didn’t take long at all for me to realize that it wasn’t the one for me.