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Dating without driving

The bottom line is that if your MOT is out of date and you’re involved in a crash, in nearly all cases your insurer will declare your cover to be invalid, no matter how much you’ve paid for it.You would then either have to decide to pay for the repairs to your vehicle yourself, or potentially have it written off.

But those that do not only risk a large fine, they would also invalidate their car insurance, so that if they have a crash, they’d have to pay for repairs, or possibly even a written off car, themselves.The penalty point system is intended to deter drivers and motorcyclists from following unsafe motoring practices. failure to rectify vehicle defects, can also attract penalty points.The court MUST order points to be endorsed on the licence according to the fixed number or the range set by Parliament. Sample Letter re Trial Date for Traffic Citation Download, fax, print or fill online HSMV 82040 & more, subscribe now I got a ticket for driving without insurance and missed my court date, will I have a warrant since I missed it? which shows up as "points" on a driving record, ...

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The cost of motoring has soared in recent years with unleaded and diesel costs are near all-time highs of 137.52p and 141.83p respectively, according to

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