Is not invalidating

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Is not invalidating

The system is not the only source of WM_PAINT messages.The Invalidate Rect or Invalidate Rgn function can indirectly generate WM_PAINT messages for your windows.To implement, do this: It should now broadcast text messages instead of binary messages. But apart from these how does the web application i.e. in dd4t 1.3 there was a callback interval which keeps on waiting but that is not the case in dd4t2.0Thanks Quirijin, I was able to invalidate dd4t cache using approach provided by you.

If we add the dependency ourselve in the code, we need to make it singleton scope.These functions mark all or part of a client area as invalid (that must be redrawn).In the following example, the window procedure invalidates the entire client area when processing WM_CHAR messages.The prenup stated that her husband, who had a million real-estate empire, would get to keep everything in case the couple split up.The wife argued that her husband coerced her signature by threatening to cancel the wedding if she did not sign, even though her family had already paid thousands of dollars for the reception.

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If you do not want the application to wait until the application's message queue has no other messages, use the Update Window function to force the WM_PAINT message to be sent immediately.