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Adriana Lima has moved on from her relationship with football player Julian Edelman and it appears that she is now dating baseball player Matt Harvey!

The 35-year-old supermodel and the 27-year-old New York Mets pitcher were seen kissing during a romantic dinner date on Wednesday night (March 15) in Miami, Fla.

Adriana and Matt were seen dining at the River Yacht Club.

“They could not keep their hands off each other as they laughed and groped each other like high school students,” an eyewitness told .

There is no sport like baseball, in which the seven-and-a-half months from spring training to the final regular season game contains just one equivalent of a weekend, the all-star break. ” In any profession, there are experiences that only colleagues can truly understand. “I always joke that when you get traded, they kind of throw you into the family room and say, ‘Pick a friend,' " said Lory Ankiel, wife of former Nationals outfielder Rick. What if I would not be friends with any of these girls? ” Trade-deadline deals, though, are every baseball family’s worst fear. In 2010, Lory Ankiel was pregnant with her first child when Rick was dealt from Kansas City to Atlanta. So she started a Web site for baseball families,, which offers resources in every major league city — vets, pediatricians, where to live, approved babysitters, etc.

Professional baseball players, apart from being the pin-up boys of one of the most popular and exciting games, are paid handsomely and lead the life of a celebrity.

Fatefully, they bonded over Chipotle burritos after running into one another in an academic building, and the rest was history.

So check from team websites what time the stadium gates open, both on game days and off-days and then get their early.Chelsey Desmond knows what other young mothers might think, knows what grandmothers think, knows what schoolteachers think. The explanation comes with a sigh, internal or out loud. “This is about staying together as a family,” Chelsey said.“Baseball wife” would seem to be a glamorous job: hair done up, makeup just right, shopping all day, nannies at the ready, clapping for your millionaire man from the stands, then hugging him before rolling home in the SUV, tinted windows up. Baseball wives are expected to wed at a certain time of year, to give birth at a certain time of year, to pick up the toys and the car and the dogs and the kids when dad is sent to the minors or traded midseason. C., you see all the military people,” Ian Desmond said.“It’s like a different perspective on college,” said Devariel.Once, I was told by Twitter that if I liked a girl that I followed back, I would probably like... And then just a few days ago someone vented to me their intense annoyance at a not at all self sufficient baseball girlfriend.

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As for pitchers, if your favorite isn't pitching that day, he'll be hanging around the dugout. Don't be shy about calling out a player's name – just be loud enough to be heard.

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