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Picturechat sex

Prosecutors said Jenkins and the victim had been dating off and on for the past 11 years.

After Jenkins was granted parole and released from the Illinois Department of Corrections in March, he moved in with the victim.

The incident happened on April 18, according to deputies.

Leppard has since been released on a ,000 recognizance bond, records show.

Now, the need to clean up its platform has become a huge business imperative: 96% of the company’s revenue in 2016 came from advertising, according to its recent public filing.

On two separate incidents, Jenkins posted images of him on Snapchat walking inside and outside the victim's residence as well as her place of employment, prosecutors said.

Jenkins was granted parole on a 2015 narcotics conviction, according to court records.

But those advertisers are beginning to realise they run the risk of their carefully-created, million-dollar material being seen immediately before or followed up by pornography and risqué selfies.

Group M, the media investing arm of WPP, a huge advertising firm, recently warned its clients that ads running on Snapchat’s “Stories” feature might be seen by users right before or after “explicit adult content,” the New York Times reported (paywall.) That’s because what users see on Stories is a succession of content from all the accounts they follow—so if someone follows an account that decides to send sexual content out, there’s little the advertiser, the user, or indeed Snapchat, can do to stop it (though users do have to click each story to make it play.) Snapchat has been trying to scrub its platform—and its reputation—clean of sexual content and association for a long time.

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Early accounts that featured nude videos and other adult content gathered hundreds of thousands of followers, arguably helping to establish the brand.